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What we do

Mapping, Analysis and Information Network Trust, N.Z.

MAIN Trust NZ is a Charitable Trust which has developed online mapping systems for community use. We have worked with a number of groups with a wide range of interests and needs through the project life, from the initial planning stages to writing management plans, working on funding applications, and collecting and analysing data.

As individuals we are members of many conservation and social groups, and have been involved in community projects ranging from Kiwi restoration, to vegetation monitoring, weed control and seashore surveys.

The data management system was initially developed as part of a ‘Community Partnership Project’ with DIA funding.

A synopsis of our objectives and work:

  • Collate local, fine scale community information to meet national standards
  • Present community reports online with maps and data analysis 
  • Connect groups and public through digital mapping tools 
  • Improve project delivery using graphics and images
  • Set up mapping systems on private computers to store and share project information

See the video presentation about our work to the 'Greatest Living Space Symposium' Wellington, April 2013.

The TERRAIN project - the pilot project to get data "out of dusty boxes and from under the bed"

The Trust is the sole shareholder in the company DataMap Ltd. We use the dividends to support the hosting of community groups. If you have a commercial project, we would be pleased to supply a competitive quotation.

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