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Little Blue Penguins

What do we know about the Little Blue Penguins?

Projects for monitoring penguins have been set up in NatureWatchNZ (NWNZ). We invite people to use these projects to record their penguin observations. The data is then mapped and analysed. The first project using this analysis is for "Little Blue Penguins".

Data entry

Little Blue Penguin National Monitoring Project - photo and data entryNational Little Blue Penguin Monitoring




Results analysed

Click on the map link for the latest maps and analysis from the Little Blue Penguin mapping project.

The data fields are based on feedback from groups already active in monitoring penguins but are a compromise between having ‘too much data’ (which makes data entry a chore) and missing out important data on patterns and trends. In other words we hope these ‘core fields’ will be generally useful and if everyone records at least this info they will help create a national consistent dataset for monitoring trends into the future.

We also expect that some groups or projects will want to collect additional data of interest to them. If so these records can also be stored in NWNZ by setting up your own customised project. Better still, if you also include the ‘core fields’ of the national project your records can be automatically added to both projects at the same time (ie. your group’s and the national project). The data isn’t duplicated, it is just ‘harvested’ by each project separately, which helps collect it together for any mapping, stats or downloads you want to make. Contact us anytime if you have any queries, feedback, or need assistance with this, especially if interested in setting up your own penguin project in NWNZ!

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