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CoastMap participatory mapping

CoastMap is a pilot project being developed by Elise Smith (MAIN Trust) and Shane Orchard (NatureWatchNZ) with the goal of exploring ways to use Free Open Source Software products for mapping natural resource data of interest to the community -  in a cost effective way. We are using a ‘Mapping the Coast’ theme to trial some new ways of collecting and sharing information.

Follow the links off this page for more information, and to see more species as the project progresses.

Read more on the Penguin Mapping Project page.

Online maps display layers of information, which can be turned on or off as the viewer wishes. You will see not only the 'raw' NatureWatch information of where the penguins have been seen, but also analysis. A 'heatmap' shows where most penguins have been obseved. Data can be interrogated - what was the penguin doing? How many observations were made in the last year?

We are working with Project Hotspot and the partners Nga Motu Marine Reserve Society and NatureWatch NZ to provide data analysis of the different species. Here is an example of the Reef Herons. Click on the map to use the tools and change the layers of information.


Contact details:

Shane Orchard

Elise Smith
These projects are supported by:

NatureWatch NZ

Coastal Society

 MAIN Trust

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