Where on earth?

Geographic Information Systems display the spatial location, and can be used to sort, find and analyse relationships between objects. This is very useful if you want to know the historic distribution of Kiwi in Taranaki.

Where are the weasels and stoats in a National Park? The weasels are found above 900m in Egmont National Park.

Kiwi records in Taranaki. This is an interactive map, so use your mouse to control it and zoom in or out, see the legend, or open the layer with historic records of kiwi (and when they were last seen in New Plymouth; Welbourne in 1978). Click here for help with using the map tools and layers.

dreamhost vs bluehost


Pests in the National Park The weasels (pale blue) are found above the North Egmont Visitors' Centre, and the hotspots with stoats (red circles)show where control is most required.

Stoat records in Egmont National Park